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Memorial service - 4 March 2017

Circles of Serbian Sisters "Kosovo Maiden" are organising a Memorial Service (Pomen) to commemorate the women in foreign missions in Serbia during the Great War who risked and sacrificed their lives in Serbia and related fronts. Some of them continued to support the Serbs even after the war had ended, most significantly, Lady Paget. Since 2017 marks the centenary Dr Elsie Inglis' death, the commemoration will pay a special tribute to her life.

Guest speaker: Alan Cumming, Scottish Women's Hospital website

Sunday 4th March 2017 at 12pm
Serbian Orthodox Church
Bishop Nikolaj Hall
89 Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QQ
Info: 020 7727 8367 (church office) or e-mail: crkva@spclondon.org

The Gospel on fasting

Matthew 6:14-21

To not give in to the enemy—that is the main rule for those who are fighting a war. An army commander warns every soldier ahead of time about the threat of enemy subterfuge, so that they would not be deceived and taken captive. A soldier left alone, hungry, shivering and without warm clothing undergoes a strong temptation to give himself up to the enemy. The cunning adversary will take advantage of his situation with all possible means. He will deprive himself of bread in order to throw a bit of it at the soldier and give him the impression that he has an abundance of food. He’ll remain dressed in rags, half-naked and freezing, just to throw him some a piece of clothing to make him think that he himself is well dressed and rich. He will start throwing letters boasting of his already assured victory and deceive the wretched soldier, saying that many of his comrades at arms have already given up left and right, that his general has been killed, or his king is pleading for peace! He’ll then promise a speedy return to home and hearth, and rank, and money, and everything that a man in extreme need can see only in his dreams. The commander describes all of these enemy tricks and traps to the soldiers, warning them not to believe any of it but to hold their position, not give up, and remain loyal to their standard to the death.

Pan Orthodox Vespers - 5 March 2017

The Sunday of Orthodoxy will be celebrated this year at the Georgian Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lord (Rookwood Rd, London, N16 6SS) on 5th March at 6.00 pm in the presence of Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, Archbishop Silouan of the British Isles and Ireland, Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh, Archibishop Zenon of Great Britain and Ireland, and other hierarchs, clergy and faithful of the Orthodox dioceses in the UK. Light refreshments will be offered after the service.

Underground: Manor House or Seven Sisters

Busses: 67, 76, 149, 243, 253, 254

Classical concert by Nemanja Bogunovic, guitar

An evening of popular classical and film music arranged by Nemanja Bogunovic as well as his own composition.

Sunday 26 February 2017, 7.30pm, St Sava Church

Bishop Nikolaj Community Centre

89 Lancaster Roach, London W11 1QQ

Tickets: £15 available at the door

Info: 020 7727 8367 (church office) or crkva@spclondon.org.

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St.Sava church adress:
89 Lancaster Road
W11 1QQ
Telephone: 020 7727 8367
E-mail: crkva@spclondon.org