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Welcome to the new website of the Serbian Orthodox Parish Church of St. Sava in London. This space, primarily dedicated to our parishioners and to Orthodox believers in London and England, is intended to provide a means by which we can be in constant spiritual contact, in the service of our joy and salvation.  In our contemporary world of accelerating everyday pressures (particularly prevalent in this symbol of modern civilization that is our city of London) man finds himself straining under the daily weight of transient yet constant commitments which can cause him to lose sight of the essence of life; his essential questions can only be revealed through a life of commitment to Jesus Christ Our Lord and His Church.


St SavaThrough this web site we would like to extend an invitation to London’s numerous believers of Orthodox faith to come to the Holy Liturgy as to a table which the Lord has left us that we might satisfy our spiritual hunger and our thirst for the divine and imperishable which ‘the eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man’.

This is the ‘something’, that essence for which all of us search in our earthly lives; the thing for which our souls cry out, yours and my own, dear Reader.  That which is miraculous and ‘not of this world’ is offered at each Holy Liturgy, so that we here on Earth can already  partake of the sustenance of Heaven.

In these web pages, we additionally endeavour to provide our parishioners with all relevant information concerning the order of church services, times of future lectures, exhibitions, concerts and new book launches as well as charity activities. On our web pages, you will hear about the activities and plans ofthe Sunday school, the 'Rastko' folk dance troupe, the 'Kosovka Devojka', 'Circle of Serbian Sisters' and the Church choir; all of which groups perform their creative activities under the auspices of this Church parish. Here you will also find your invitation to join us in our work.

Also important is that you will be able to use this site to send us your requests, ideas and of course any well-intentioned criticisms that serve our mutual desire to bring about harmony and closeness between us, both in our lives and together in the Church of Christ. By way of the site, you will also be able to pledge donations for the church, or for the various charity activities we organise as a church.

ChurchWe believe we have succeeded in creating a website with enough content and information to also interest those many travellers of the web space who will stop by for just a short while to rest their souls in spiritual contemplation or discover some important piece of information. Our aim is to make the site bilingual, so as to enable all those in London and England interested in learning more about our culture in general and Orthodoxy in particular to find texts of interest to them; texts which would serve as an introduction to further reading and understanding. We are open to all who wish to meet us, particularly those searching for meaning in our Lord, Jesus Christ. We also bear in mind the many tourists, sports and business people who come to London from our common homeland, who would like to find us, to come to pray or to just exchange some brotherly words and thoughts with us.

You are all welcome on our website as you are under the eaves and arches of our church of St. Sava in London. We greet you like that evangelical host who would reward even those arriving at the last moment. Our own reward is our life in Christ and our joy in the Holy Spirit, that we might on earth become, and for eternity remain, children of the Heavenly Father.

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