Diocese of Britain and Scandinavia

In December 1990 Serbian Orthodox Church established the Diocese of Britain and Scandinavia from parts of the Diocese of Western Europe. The Diocese includes parishes in the following countries: Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Island. It comprises 23 parishes: 10 in Sweden, 9 in Great Britain and Republic of Ireland, and 1 in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Island. There are also 2 monasteries, both in Sweden.

The parishes in Great Britain are:

Parish of the Holy Martyr Lazar – Birmingham:

  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Nenad Popovic

Parish of the Holy Apostle Andrew – Bedford:

  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Radmilo Z. Stokic

Parish of the Holy Trinity – Bradford:

  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Zarko Nedic

Parish of the Holy Apostles St Peter and St Paul – Darby:

  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Radmilo Z. Stokic

Parish of the Holy Ascension – Oxford:

  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Nikola Kotur

Parish of Saint Sava – London:

  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Goran Spaic
  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Dragan Lazic

Parish of Saint John the Baptist – Halifax:

  • Protopresbyter-Stavrofor Aleksandar Ilic
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