"Saint Sava" choir in London

The Saint Sava church choir was established in 1952 through an initiative of Mrs Maria Rozdyanko. She had been conducting the choir until 1968. Mr Djordje Nesic took over the role for a short period after Mrs Rozdjanko had left. When he moved from London, Mrs Milica Jovic became the conductor. From 1983 to 2006, the St Sava choir was led by Mrs Aleksandra Sasha Smiljanic. Her family has been the backbone of the choir for all these years. Mrs Bratislava Barac-Djukic was in charge from 2006 until 2012. Her expertise and hard work improved the choir’s repertoire and they recorded their first CD during that period. The St Sava choir is currently led by Zorka Maksimovic.

Despite all the changes in members, the choir has been active for more than 60 years, with the same aim: to sing during St Liturgies, and to help priests together with the faithful to praise Our Lord.

Today, the choir has 20 members and sings on Sunday Liturgies, weddings, funerals and other occasions. A regular practice session is on Mondays at 7pm at 89 Lancaster Road, London, W11 1QQ. We welcome new members, either gifted beginners or experienced singers, and we particularly need male voices. For all additional information you can contact Zorka Maksimovic after the Liturgy or by sending an email to choir@spclondon.org.



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St.Sava church adress:
89 Lancaster Road
W11 1QQ
Telephone: 020 7727 8367
E-mail: crkva@spclondon.org